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"Cum amore et passione ad gloriam dei"

It is with this simple sentence I always sign my works, instruments built with artisanal methodology and for that special and distinctive, results of a careful architectural study with sound boxes in Golden Ratio, and sound study merging the northern school with the Tuscan one, two style I love.
The sounds of these instruments are clean, powerful and brilliant like Ripieno and Trumpet but sweet and tender as well like the sound of Bourdon in cedar wood, Chimney Flute and Basancia¹ in cypress wood.
An important part of my style lays in experimenting new sounds, building new stops like Basancia¹, small wood trumpets and Trompetum², and building new mechanical instruments with sound and aesthetic unique solutions like the Organum Anticum and The Double Organ.
I like to insert special effects in my works like nightingale, bagpipe, cricket, cuckoo and carillon that allow executions of specific repertoire and to play Music Tales that help children and youngsters to understand this noble instrument.
Friendship and respect of many colleagues in Italy and abroad help me to grow and to be a better artisan tank to a constant brainstorming and advice.
After this short introduction I prefer to leave my instruments talk, enjoy a virtual tour of my web site.

Nicola Puccini

¹ Basancia: reed stop where the seat of the canal is the resonator itself.
² Trompetum: horizontal reed stop working in high pressure and placed under the pedal.

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