Organs for study

Basic model

This small organ is essential for all people who desire to study and prepare the organ technique. It has a small size and weight, it is very useful for basso continuo and for chorus accompaniment. Thanks to a very careful tuning the sound is extremely sweet when the organ is closed and it doesn’t tire the hearing or bother the neighbours, on the contrary when the instrument is open the sound is really strong and rounded. To train the hand to the opening of pallets we focus our attention on the touch.

Bourdon 8ft in wood
Two keyboards of 56 notes (do 1 to sol 5) in box and ebony wood
Pedal keyboard of 30 notes (do1 to fa 3) in oak wood
Chest in toulipé wood, divisible in two parts to move it easily
Windchest in cedar wood
Extractible pallets
Electric engine with a small bellows
Price 9.000,00 euro 20% VAT not included

Shipping paid by the customer.

Double organ

With this model the organist can have an instrument with a maximum of 7 stops. The lower part can be divided from the upper one, in this case the roof of the upper part serve as a top of the lower one Prices are different according to personal and different demand (request).

Lower organ
– Bourdon 8ft
– Chimney flute 4ft
– XV 2ft
Upper organ:
– Flute in Selva 8ft
– Principale 4ft
– Nazardo from do2
– Trumpet 16
Price 45.000,00 euro 20% VAT not included

Shipping paid by the customer.
All the chests can be decorate on request.

Opera 039 - Private house in Florence


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